John Holland to deliver a world-first in renewable energy

Genex Power Ltd

John Holland is thrilled to be delivering the Kidston Pumped Storage Hydro Project, an innovative project that involves the world-first conversion of a disused gold mine into a pumped storage hydroelectric power generation facility.

With delivery partners McConnell Dowell, John Holland will soon commence works in Far North Queensland on the natural battery storage facility that has the potential to generate up to 250 MW of rapid response, flexible power to Australia’s National Electricity Market.

CEO Joe Barr said the opportunity to deliver a sustainable and carbon neutral solution to benefit future generations reflects the company’s commitment to improving the communities where we work.

“For more than 70 years John Holland has been dedicated to leaving a positive legacy that extends beyond the delivery phase of our projects, and I think this project stays true to that,” Mr Barr said.

Executive General Manager Infrastructure Andrew English said the team looks forward to getting started on this first-of-its-kind project.

“This will be a gamechanger for the clean energy industry worldwide and our team is excited they can utilise their expertise to pave the way for an entirely new approach to large-scale energy storage,” Mr English said.

The project is led by Genex Power, Australia’s leading renewable energy and storage company, and along with requiring the conversion of two existing mine pits into reservoirs, involves the construction of significant underground infrastructure including a large powerhouse cavern and waterway shafts and tunnels to allow the transfer of water between the upper and lower reservoirs to generate power during peak periods and return water back to the upper reservoir during off peak periods.