We are committed to good governance. Wherever we operate we do so with integrity – doing what is right and ethical. It is the way we work.

The John Holland Code of Business Conduct (Code) sets the standard for our commitment to working. The Code provides guidance for everyone who works for, or with, John Holland. It demonstrates how to practically apply our commitments and values, and reflects the standards and procedures applicable across John Holland.

Our Code and governance system are concerned with identifying ways to ensure that strategic or operational decisions are made effectively and in a manner that is consistent with our values. The objective of our governance system is to ensure that we as employees:

  • at all times comply with applicable laws;
  • are accountable to our parent company, customers, government, and the community for the decisions we make;
  • use resources responsibly, efficiently and effectively; and
  • properly understand our responsibilities and the way they contribute to our goals consistent with the Code and our organisational values.

John Holland is committed to upholding proper and ethical business practices. We want everyone to feel safe and empowered to speak up if they become aware of unethical or unlawful conduct in our business dealings.

The John Holland Whistleblower Standard explains how to report wrongdoing, how John Holland deals with reports of wrongdoing and what protections are available to those who speak up.

The John Holland Group Pty Ltd Board of Directors is formed with the following members:

  • Bo Wang (Chairman)
  • Guangsheng Peng
  • Jinsong (Jason) Tang
  • Chun Pong (Eddie) Leung
  • Glenn Michael Palin
  • Martin Nicholas Hadaway
  • Joseph Dominic Barr
  • Darryn Alfred Ray