Abbot Point Coal Terminal X50

Abbot Point Coal Terminal X50, QLD

This project increased the North Queensland Bulk Ports Corporation's annual export capacity to 50 megatonnes and serves local coal exporters such as Newlands, Collinsville and Sonoma mines in their export commitments. 

The scope incorporated structural, mechanical and electrical engineering aspects. The team was responsible for all supply, fabrication, offsite assembly, transport, installation and commissioning in order to deliver a 500 metre-long operational berth, east of the existing Berth 1.

The project saw the installation of over 9,500 tonne of structural steel and the driving of more than 205 piles. Additional works included the shipping of a gallery conveyor and associated drive tower, and a second 2.9 kilometre jetty conveyor. This included all associated structural, mechanical and electrical works; on-jetty modifications; and installation of the conveyor within the existing transfer tower.

John Holland employed 28 per cent local workforce and further supported the local community through the training and up-skilling of local residents.

Key Awards:

  • 2011 Australian Construction Achievement Award (ACAA) finalist