John Holland’s values – caring, empowering, imaginative and future-focused – guide and shape our relationships with the communities in which we work.

We understand that the work we do can impact people's lives – in terms of the projects we deliver and the impact of construction, and also in the skills, jobs and economic opportunities we can create as we deliver.

Across Australia, our highly experienced Community and Stakeholder Engagement teams are integral members of the project delivery teams. They are the direct link between our projects and the community. They:    

  • ensure our delivery and services align with community expectations of the project
  • provide appropriate information, consultation and engagement to interested and impacted individuals and groups
  • work with local stakeholders, residents and traders to find opportunities to improve delivery, reduce impact or maximise the project’s positive legacy.

Through our best practice consultation approaches, we work to build strong relationships and mutual understanding with communities. When consulting, we are committed to:

  • offering genuine opportunities to influence the outcome
  • being clear about what is and isn’t negotiable
  • using inclusive, accessible engagement tools
  • reporting back about how consultation has influenced our design or construction.

Beyond consultation, we also work to provide clear, simple, targeted information about upcoming works and impacts, so that people know what to expect and can plan around our works to get on with their lives while we deliver.